Terms and Conditions


Placement in Portugal is an organisation based in Lisbon which provides support to Portuguese companies with the recruitment process of international students or young graduates.

After resorting to the Placement in Portugal services, the companies will receive candidates to their internship offers who want to become their Trainees.

Placement in Portugal only concludes the Allocation process, when all the documents related with the Internship are signed.

Companies registration

  • The Company should sign up on the Website of Placement in Portugal and will be automatically registered on it, in order to benefit from the extensive information about the existing programmes.
  • When the Company signs in, a form should be filled in with all the necessary details of the company and business area. Then, the Company can start filling in the information regarding the internship and the profile the Company is searching for.
  • By filling in this second form, the Company may choose the requirements and description of the internship position and the type of support which will be given to the trainee.
  • After registration, the Company will benefit of the services and tools specially designed to present all the possibilities and offers, with only a click.
  • Placement in Portugal will write and operate (where applicable) exclusively with the documentation that is indispensable to the candidate, in order to realise his/her internship in the Company.
  • Under no circumstances, Placement in Portugal would be responsible in case that the Company needs additional documents from its provenance country, as for example documents related to the Employment Services or Local Authorities, as this enters in the candidate´s attributions and it is in his/her task to manage and acknowledge the rest of the formalities.


  • Placement in Portugal shall not disclose the name of the Company to the candidates at any stage prior to the appointment of the interview between the Company and the Candidate.


  • Prices are specified on the website and communicated in the moment that the Company fills in the second form regarding the internship position.
  • All prices exclude VAT. The VAT that corresponds to the services of Placement in Portugal is of 23%.
  • Placement in Portugal reserves the right to modify its prices on the strength of its terms. None of the changes apply to ongoing allocations.
  • The Prices per Allocation:
2 months 3 months 4 months 5 months 6 months
Price per Allocation 250€ + VAT 325€ + VAT 400€ + VAT 450€ + VAT 500€ + VAT
  • If the Company wants a specific nationality, for an internship with a duration higher than 4 months, it will be added 250€ + VAT if it is an European nationality. In case of a Non European nationality, it will be added 500€ + VAT.
  • If the Company wants a candidate which speaks the local language, for an internship with a duration higher than 3 months, it will be added 150€ + VAT

Payment regulation and Payment options

  • The client shall perform the following steps, imposed by the Terms and Conditions, in order that the procedure could take place:
  1. The payment of 30%, in advance, from the internship offer’s price that was presented on www.placementinportugal.com, during the moment of the registration.
  2. The payment of the remaining 70%, takes place after Placement in Portugal states the allocation process, as being finished, which is in the moment that all the documents are signed by the Company, Trainee and the University.

The whole amount must be integrally paid. The service procedure will not start if the Company does not carry out his/her 30% payment from the price.

The payment will be processed via gateway payment provided by Stripe, in this way, on www.placementinportugal.com

When you register your credit card after the first payment on www.placementinportugal.com, you accept that once we finish the recruitment process, we charge directly the remaining 70% of the price from your credit card.

Recruitment process

Once the Company creates their account and publishes an internship offer and the service is initiated (see clause above), Placement in Portugal will send one Candidate at time that matches the internship offer. The Company will have 5 days to analyze the profile of the candidate and to give an answer to Placement in Portugal.

Placement in Portugal offers the possibility of having one interview in order to meet the Candidate.

After analyzing the candidate’s profile, the Company should decide:

  • If the Candidate fits the position of the internship offer, and wants to accept him/her
  • or if wants to decline the Candidate, in case of objective reasons.

If the Company chooses to decline the Candidate, Placement in Portugal will send one more Candidate and the procedure starts again.

Final Agreement

The recruitment ending service shall be produced only when Placement in Portugal has managed to accomplish all the necessary documents that the recruitment procedure requires, in order that the Company and the Candidate could start the allocation.

The finalization occurs only when the documents are acknowledged and signed by all the parties (Company, Trainee and University) which certify the validity.

Placement in Portugal can interfere in the process (suspend, terminate, oversee, inspect) when:

  1. On one hand, if the Company rejected all the Candidates (during the period of 60 days), since the offer is online, the 30% of the price, paid in advance, would be refunded.
  2. On the other hand, if the Company decides to end an internship offer, but previously accepted one or more candidates, wherewith, the finalization did not occur, Placement in Portugal would not refund the 30% of the payment to the Company, on the strength of the vacancy places occupied by the Candidate. As for the rest of 70% of the price, they will not be required.
  3. Thirdly, in case that the Company has accepted one or more candidates and the recruitment finalization has occurred, Placement in Portugal, would not refund 30% reserved for the vacant places and in addition, the 70% left would be requested.
  4. The relation starts when the Company has chosen one of the Candidates from the platform, who meets all the conditions imposed by the specific position. All contact shall be done directly on the website www.placementinportugal.com, or in an exceptional case, through e-mail.

End of the Internship

  • In case the Candidate terminates the Learning Agreement for Traineeships with the Company prior to the starting day of the traineeship (stated in internship documentation), Placement in Portugal will replace the Candidate with a new allocation without any additional costs (within a period of 60 days).
  • In case the Company rejects the candidate due to a reasonable motive during the first 15 days of the internship from the starting date on the internship documentation, Placement in Portugal will assure the replacement of the candidate with no additional costs charged to the Company (within a period of 60 days).

Placement in Portugal can end the contract in the following cases:

  1. In case that the Company NEGLECTS the Terms and Conditions of the platform and if the problem that occurred cannot be solved in an interval of 10 days from the notification, with a written document from Placement in Portugal.
  2. In case that the Company breaks the relation with Placement in Portugal, and directly contacts the Candidates or the Universities, without using the platform of Placement in Portugal for the usage of the presented offers. Placement in Portugal reserves the right to charge full allocation fee and any other fee charges deemed applicable in this situation.
  3. In case that the Company does not respond diligently to the petitions of Placement in Portugal.
  4. When a Candidate is selected by Placement in Portugal and The Company acknowledges the matching but does not give a feedback to the Candidate within 10 working days.
  5. When the Company does not sign and validate the documents that were prepared by Placement in Portugal within 5 working days.
  6. In case that the Company declines a number of Candidates (5) without justification and for a prolonged period.

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This webpage uses cookies. The cookies are small text archives generated for web pages that you visit, those which contain session data that can be useful later in the web page. The cookies remember information about your web habits, which can facilitate your next visit and as a result make the website more useful.

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Privacy Policy

  • In accordance with the law, Placement in Portugal commits to respect and protect the confidential nature of all the information, hereinafter referred to as “data”, relating to the Trainee or the Company.
  • All the trainee and company’s data, supplied by them, indirectly gathered by Placement in Portugal from other sources or resulting from subscriptions, consultations, instructions, transactions or other registrations relating to contracts established between Placement in Portugal the trainees or companies shall be processed by Placement in Portugal by automated or non-automated means.
  • For the purpose of ensuring an appropriate safety level able to face the risks that the processing of personal data and the use of distance communication means imply, Placement in Portugal provides, at www.placementinportugal.pt, information and alerts on the safety measures that the trainees and companies are responsibles for observing.
  • Placement in Portugal shall be responsible for processing the data.
  • The candidate and company’s data may be collected from/provided to public or private entities in the wake of the compliance with the legal and regulatory duties applicable to the Placement in Portugal for the purposes of data confirmation and collection of information for contractual purposes.

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